Monday, March 02, 2020

A Prayer for One Hiking the Mountains

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash
Someone asked me to write a prayer for a loved one who is hiking the Appalachians. I wrote it a bit more generally and thought I'd share it for others.

God of the Earth -
You made mountains and hills at the very beginning: places on high.
It was on high you settled the Ark.
It was on high that you gave your Law.
It was on high that Solomon built your Temple.
It was on high that you whispered to Elijah.
It was on high that Jesus revealed your Kingdom.
It was on high that you spoke over him:
“This is my beloved, in whom I am well-pleased.”
It was on high that he was lifted up and crucified.
And Jesus’ feet last touched the earth up on a mount on high.

I pray today for my loved one as s/he journeys the places on high. May this time be one where you are close in the things of spirit & voice, protection & purpose. Give him/her swiftness of foot, but clarity of mind, heart, & body. May his/her spirit be emboldened, strengthened, and stretched both now and in the days to come because of this journey.
I trust you by your Spirit and in Christ. Amen.