Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

Long been my favorite young children's book, the movie is well on it's way. Here is the trailer:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Flags Removed from Global Ministry Center

So over at, Chuck Milhuff reports that by order of the Board of General Superintendents, the American and Kansan flags have been removed from the Global Ministry Center.

Which makes sense for the GLOBAL Ministry Center of the INTERNATIONAL Church of the Nazarene.

Here's the thread

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Family Dinner Prayers

We rotate between three different meal prayers.  One is: "Lord, bless this food which now we take to do us good for Jesus' sake."  Another is the good ole "God, our Father" song.  And the third is "God you're great, God you're good..."  I have minor theological differences and/or dislikes with each one of them.  

So I wrote one for us:

We thank you, God, for the food we have
and the ground from which it came.
We think of those who have it not
And pray them help in Jesus' name.  

Any thoughts?

Refuse to Lead

This video really hit home this morning.

Last night, Danny sang Jesus Take the Wheel on American Idol. I'm not a big fan of the song. The music's all right, but the lyrics fall short of my Wesleyan-Arminian understanding of the relationship between God and humanity. While it may seem a worthy thought to hand over the steering wheel of our lives to Christ, it doesn't really work that way. When we "give" our lives to Christ, we still play a major part in making the decisions of life. The change comes in that we've committed to living life in an understanding that we're following in the way of Christ. Sure, we have Christ's Spirit to guide us, but Christ is a guide...not an auto-pilot. The image I've seen used and used myself a couple of times is the difference between a road map and a compass: our lives in Christ are not lived by a road map which tells us exactly where to go, but by a compass, who gives us direction.

It's actually quite a beautiful thing...this interaction and relationship between humanity and God.

This video from Peter Rollins describes this in part on a human-to-human level within the Church. From the experience of some of my interactions lately...he's right on. I would like to say more, but probably shouldn't...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

SNL: How to Get out of Debt

There is a group at North Street right now talking and studying together about personal finance. I'm psyched that Dr. Dick Fish is leading this for us. The Fish's are a great example of a Christian couple who live not within, but below their means to be able to help out others. Dick has shared his personal finance testimony with us, greatly relating himself financially to the story of the prodigal son and loving father as well as this portion of Acts 2, a chapter which has been challenging me for a while now. If you're in the area on Wednesdays at 8:00 PM, join us.

Anyway, I found this Saturday Night Live video on just now as I ate my lunch. It's loosely funny...yet it's profoundly true.  In more ways than one, America is consuming itself to death.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


File this under "90% of you don't care," but the new iMacs and Mac Minis have finally officially been announced.  We've been thinking, saving, and waiting for months for this.  Our poor 6 year old PC deserves a proper burial for good service rendered...but we're going to be moving on soon.

Now...we just have to decide if we're going with the BYOM (monitor) Mini or all out for the iMac.  At this moment, we're leaning with to the Mini, but we'll see.

Monday, March 02, 2009

U2 at the Paradise!?

I used to go to concerts.  A lot.  In high school and the beginning of college, not a month went by when I wasn't be groovin' it at a show.  My favorite groups to see live were mainly "jam bands" Strangefolk, Phish, Guster, and Bela Fleck & the Flecktones (Guster kind of strayed from that scene to pop over the years).  I'd catch other smaller groups to fill in the gaps.  The range of other groups spanned from hard altnerative like Grammatrain to improv jazz like Medeski Martin & Wood.  I drove all over the five states of New England.  And truthfully, more often than not, I went alone.  But all to say, I went to shows a lot.

Over the last 6-8 years, I've gone to perhaps half a dozen, if that. The major reasons for my inability to go include time and finances.  But I've often missed the scene. I love live music.  

So the front page of speaks of a rumored U2 show at the Paradise in Boston.  Some of my favorite memories in concert were at the Paradise.  Jars of Clay were great there, but I think my favorite show was actually Deliriou5?.  It was an incredibly passionate and worshipful show, open bar and everything.

But U2 might as well come and play in North Street's sanctuary.  It's probably only just a little bit smaller than the Paradise.  I mean, U2 could sell out a 100,000 seat venue, if it existed in Boston.  If it's true, it's one show I won't be getting tickets to.  Not because I wouldn't love to be there, but because, one will get tickets to a U2 show that small.

I will however be at the very-quickly-sold-out Phish concert (can't call it a "show" at Great Woods) on June 6th.  Phish has been off for a few years and this is a reunion tour of sorts.  I've always wanted Meghan to be able to go and see the scene.  So Grandma's coming to watch the kids and we'll be there.

While I think that Phish is my favorite large venue group to see live...I've never seen U2 in concert.  And I fully confess that my concert resume is not complete without seeing them.  I guess they'll be playing at Gillette Stadium in September, but I'm not sure I can justify two concerts in a six-month span these days.  We'll see...