Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Family Dinner Prayers

We rotate between three different meal prayers.  One is: "Lord, bless this food which now we take to do us good for Jesus' sake."  Another is the good ole "God, our Father" song.  And the third is "God you're great, God you're good..."  I have minor theological differences and/or dislikes with each one of them.  

So I wrote one for us:

We thank you, God, for the food we have
and the ground from which it came.
We think of those who have it not
And pray them help in Jesus' name.  

Any thoughts?


  1. I like it. You have a little more variety than we do, we only pray "God our Father". Tell me how the kids do learning it!

  2. It is on rare occasions that we use a prayer other than "God you're great...". I remember a couple of years ago we used to say "God IS great..." and so on. We decided that instead of praying about God we'd pray TO God, and therefore began to say "God YOU'RE great...". Leave it to us to change grace!

    Josh usually leads us in grace, and sometimes he'll add some more at the end, like tonight when he asked God to make the bumps and soreness in his throat go away!