Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Lawyers and Witnesses

Today's followers of Christ still get caught up in maintaining law-oriented living using human methods, especially in a democratic and law-oriented United States that tries harder than anything to create, maintain, and correctly interpret law. This is somewhat different than what Jesus, Paul, and others deal with in scripture, but not very.

Today, we don't use the word "law". However, we use words and phrases like "rights" and "morality" and "defending freedom".

We find ourselves feeling like we must defend God and his morality. Followers of Christ (again, especially in the United States), feeling like they are losing control of society, seek to define and maintain God's morality. We do this in major ways by legislating and lobbying for laws that fit our Christian morality or campaigning and voting for individuals who we feel fit within and will fight for our moral standards. We do it in more minor ways like fooling ourselves into thinking that the United States is a Christian country, founded upon Christian ideals (a longer post for another time) or by putting bumper stickers on our cars ("It's a child, not a choice", "Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve", etc.). Wait, have you seen this one?

But when it comes down to it, the "Christian" foundation of our government or law or not simply does not really matter to those of us who follow Christ. God's law doesn't need our defense. God's sovereignty is not in trouble or on trial. The American court system can never condemn or affirm God and his ways. God doesn't need lawyers, he needs honest witnesses. He needs witnesses that do not water down the truth and are not hindered by legalities or fear of being caught in what they say.

When it comes down to it, God need not be defended. He's got a handle on himself.


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