Tuesday, September 06, 2005


My son is over five months old now. Over the last few months, many have asked me how it is being a father. Or they'll ask, "How's fatherhood?" I have to admit, his arrival wasn't mind-bogglingly life-changing all at once the day he was born. First off, we'd been anticipating his arrival for eight months or so.

But the changes and joys have come gradually over the days and weeks. When he was first born, sure, it was amazing. But honestly, it's only the last couple of months during which I have really begun to enjoy him. To watch his personality, sounds, and body develop is incredible. God is quite creative in the life process. What a responsibility and privilege it is to be able to take a crucial role in it.

I'm in two intensive two-week seminary classes right now. I'm on campus 14 hours a day. Of course, Brayden Wesley is asleep when I get home. He wakes up after I do, and I only get a few minutes of awake-time with him. During this week and last it has been awesome to watch his developments. He's noticeably bigger and making new sounds. He is a whole lot more responsive to me and my face.

Meghan and I pray every night for better discernment and more love for Brayden. It's hard to imagine loving him more, but it seems to increase anyway.

- J


  1. Hey Jeremy, I am glad to know that you are doing well. Your baby looks so good! I would love to hear more from you sometime, and how the Lord has been blessing you,
    God Bless, Matthew Frost

  2. What an adorable baby! Congratulations on Brayden... I am so happy for you and Meghan. My husband Josh and I are having a baby boy in January: Liam Michael Reilly. (We considered the name Brayden, too!)

    I love seeing how much God has changed our lives over the past few years. I never could have imagined such wonderful blessings being given to us! Thanks for your note on IM last night. ;) I'll keep checking in.

  3. Hey Jeremy.

    I happened across your blog very randomly. Congratulations on your adorable gift from God, and I am so glad to hear that He has blessed your marriage and continues to bless your life.

    My life is quite different in comparison, but just as blessed. I am single, and the head coach of a nationally ranked swim team full-time. I have found a church and a path that I know is the one God has chosen. Thank you for your profound impact on me when we were younger. You are not forgotten in my prayers.

    - Jill Leda.