Saturday, May 13, 2006


The written understandings expressed on this website and blog are solely those of Jeremy D. Scott and are not necessarily (though perhaps hopefully!) representative of the International Church of the Nazarene, North Street Community Chapel, or any individual or organization other than Jeremy D. Scott. If you happen to quote this website/blog, be sure that it's quoted to "Jeremy D. Scott," and not as necessarily representative of the aforementioned groups.

In addition, I (Jeremy) reserve the right to change my opinion, thinking, and understandings as I continue to be exposed to more and more of the face of God and this incredible world. This is why the website is entitled "Still Learning"...because I am indeed still learning and I believe that anyone still breathing oxygen is too, despite the inability of many to recognize this fact and despite the fact that so many try so hard not to..

I encourage interaction with what I'm writing. I prefer suggestion and dialogue in place of rigid reprehension.

"What's with the middle initial?  Are you really that full of yourself?",  you may ask.  I started using my middle initial back in college.  It's a combination of a number of things:
  • I was working on the college yearbook my sophomore year, as the Copy Editor.  My editor and good friend Cara Paulsen (now Edwards) insisted on everyone's name including their middle initial.  
  • About the same time, I was entering into student leadership.  In my interaction with students and faculty from across the country, some would often confuse me with another Jeremy Scott who went to another Nazarene institution.  To confuse matters further, this Jeremy Scott also has a brother named me.
  • As for the URL/webaddress, I would have chosen to have it minus the middle initial, but the fashion designer beat me to it.
In all things:
"...this is my prayer, that our love would flourish more and more all the time by what we know and how well we know it so that we can be able to discern what is worthy, bringing purity before God until the day of Christ, filled with a fruit of righteousness that comes by Christ for the glory and praise of God."
- Philippians 1:9-11 (JDSV)

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