Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Month Later...

We had our second ultrasound yesterday. Looks like Brayden will most likely be Mommy & Daddy's only little boy. The twins are girls. Anatomically, everything looks great. The doctor seemed pleasantly surprised at all she could see so early.

In other news, we have names for them, provided by their cousin, Joshua. One will be "Naby" and the other will be "Boboopa" (or something like that). Thankfully, Josh did a much better job of picking his in-utero sister's name ("Jordan Christine").

Meghan is rapidly getting bigger. It's incredible and hard to believe that we still have 5+ months to go. She eats like you might expect and it's a nightly occurence for me to wake up a couple of times in the middle of the night to the sound of crunching chips, Cheez-Its, or saltine crackers. Wish I had an excuse.

One of our first immediate concerns over having twins was our vehicle situation. Knowing that we had two cars (with no payments), it was not in our plans to have to get something else (bigger) that could hold three car seats (Brayden will still be in a car seat). Less than a week after we found out about the twins, some very thoughtful friends offered to trade their minivan for one of our cars straight up. Long story short, we now have a minivan with no payments. And it's very minivans go. Just kidding - we're very thankful.

Thanks to all for encouraging words and sharing in our excitement.

- J, M, B, & 2 girls

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