Saturday, June 20, 2009

Update, Prayer & Community

Yeah...I know. It's been months. Sorry.

Just a quick update for those who don't know - I've currently got Lyme's Disease. It's not been a great experience, but I am definitely coming out of it. Our family looks forward to driving down to Lynchburg, VA on Monday to spend a night or two with Mike & Beth Lyle and then on to Orlando, FL for the General Assembly of the International Church of the Nazarene. I'll be helping out on an unofficial reporting site (click here), namely the GS Election Tracker.

The baby in Meghan's belly is doing great. His name is "Braby" for now. We really haven't come across many options we like for a name. We'll see what we'll do. But we're excited about it.

Anyway, what prompted my post was actually a video from an acquaintance of mine here in Hingham. He's a monk at the beautiful Glastonbury Abbey, a Benedictine monastery. He speaks about prayer & community. God...I long for this.

Local Voices: Br. Dan Walters from Robin Chan on Vimeo.

Till next time. And I hope it's not several months again. Once I figure out the best way to format and update my blog on the new Mac, I'll get some things done, but not for a few week.


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