Monday, August 24, 2009

Going Away

Only for two nights, but Meghan and I are going to the Cape to a bed and breakfast. We're finally using a B& gift certificate that the church gave us last October. I need this time (I need more, actually). But I need it to be restored a bit. Last week was a particularly difficult week in various different ways. If you're actually reading this on my site rather than in a reader, you'll notice that I finally changed the mast. I look forward to sitting and watching the ocean wash things away sometime in the next 48 hours. I need that.

I did indeed record a podcast as I said I would be doing with the Three Philosophers (click on the sixth episode to hear the one I participated in). Feel free to listen to it, but again be warned that it is rather raw. I was caught a bit off-guard because I thought we were talking about the future of organized religion. Instead, we talked about evidence for God...which is a conversation I don't really get into. For me, true faith can't be built on evidence. That's kind of the whole point for Augustine said, "If you can grasp isn't God." But it was enjoyable to record, I suppose. Having listened to it again, I feel like I sounded more belligerent than I meant to at a point or two. But I suppose that's what happens in these types of things.

Anyway...peace to you all this day.

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