Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Braby" Parker Scott

So I haven't blogged much about our impending fourth child.  Meghan's due around October 31st.  I confess that this wasn't the easiest idea (another child!) at first.  I'll never forget when Meghan told me that she was pregnant.  I immediately said to her, "Um...I'm going to need a minute."

It has taken longer than a minute.

I thought we were done having children of our own.  Brayden was beginning school again, the girls were becoming more independent, and I was looking forward to giving more time and energy to North Street.  But the news gave my plan a "set back."  Of course I knew right away that I would love this child and that I would grow into the same feelings I had for my first three.  And I certainly have.  But to say that it was butterflies and smiles right away would be disingenuous.

Then the other day an overwhelming feeling of excitement and anticipation overcame me.  I can't wait for this guy, despite my uncertainty of how on earth we're going to live with four children.  It's not that our house is too small (it isn't, unless you're measuring by American standards).  It's more so that I have no clue how we're going to make it financially.  I'm praying and researching about this right now.

We still don't have a name for this poor guy!  It's odd.  With Brayden, Brenna, & Brooklyn, it was no trouble at all.  We had their names pretty well set early on.  But with this one, we're somewhat set in the whole "Br-" thing.  We're contemplating something else, but it really wouldn't make too much sense.  And other meaningful Br- names just aren't coming...

...well there is one that I like, but Meghan won't go for it.  I don't blame her.  But the more I read about the guy, the more I wouldn't mind one of my children being named after him.  Phineas F. Bresee is one of the founders of the Church of the Nazarene (his name is pronounced "Breh-ZEE".  Having been pretty much forced from the Methodist Episcopal Church, he founded the original Church of the Nazarene (not initially a denomination) based upon the notion that Christ's church should first and foremost be composed of the poor.  Not just that we should minister to the poor, but with the poor and as the poor.  Now it's pretty likely that this vision was very quickly compromised, and for sure the CotN is so so far from that founding vision, but nonetheless...Bresee was a challenging and formidable man.

Our first three each have a name after someone in our family or church history.  Brayden's middle name is "Wesley," which was my grandfather's middle name and certainly so after the great John Wesley.  Brooklyn's middle name is "Gwen" after Meghan's great aunt Gwendolyn Mann who was a long-time professor at Eastern Nazarene College and who had a profound impact on my mother in heading into education.  And Brenna's middle name is "Munro" after my great aunt, Helen Munro Lahmeyer who was named after Bertha Munro, long-time ENC professor and Nazarene saint.  So "Bresee" seems to fit...

But Meghan just can't do it.  And I understand, because while I like to read about the guy and know who he really was, he is most often in our denomination seen as a sort of "Mr. Nazarene"...which isn't necessarily our kind of thing.  But if we named our child after him, we could tell people what he was really like (as if I even really know...we all know that saints are made after death). 

Anyway, we're taking any and all suggestions.  It's 99% certain that his middle name will be "Parker," which is Meghan's maiden name.  We've jokingly thought about naming him "Bronald" since Meghan's dad's name is Ronald.  Then he'd be "Bronald Parker".  :-)  Just for fun, I've put a poll on the page to see if anyone has any input.

Anyway, his arrival is likely in two or three weeks.  Life will change yet again.  I can't wait. 


  1. So, you probably don't what to name him after a so-so baseball player, but what about the name Bronson? Or Brant? Or Bradford?

    Just some thoughts from a random blog reader :)

  2. hey man...i'm gonna have to go with Meghan on Bresee...what about Bryce? Although I do cast my vote for Bronald.

  3. I actually had a dream last night that you called him Bryce...I dont think I even knew that was one of the main choices until I just read your blog.

  4. We had two children: a girl and a boy. From the delivery table when the boy was born, my wife said, "Oh good, one of each. We can stop now." As much as I loved my two kids, I was ready to move on in other things: career, ministry, grown-up stuff, maybe even eventually grandparenting. Then a third child was announced, and it just meant "not so fast", or something. I knew I'd grow to love him, but it wasn't part of the symphony I had been fantasizing. From the very first, he was joy all over again, and we've been blessed, honored, humbled and powerfully happy. His name is Jeremy David Scott, and I can't imagine life without him, his bride Meghan, or his almost four children.
    love, dad

  5. Marsha - I actually really like Brock, and I like it's biblical connections. But if you say it fast, it sounds just like the president's name. And I voted for him and all, and I pray for him and hope he's the best president ever...but I don't want people to think that I named my kid after him.

  6. It's funny that the annonymous poster above had a kid with the same name as you, with a wife the same name as yours! HA! I'll bet the first two little brats in the family were ticked!!

    Man, I can't believe you're not considering "Breffrey." It's at least as cool sounding as "Bresee," and it's not as close to "brazier."

    How about "Brooks" as in Robinson?

  7. Brax, Bram, Brixly, Brother, Brave, Brinton, Bradford, Bravis, Brick, Bronx, Brincy, Brass, Bruss.....

  8. So, I voted for Bryson, but I have to admit, I like Bryson Scott better than kinda runs together. But, obviously, if you chose Bryson and called him Bryce, it would be perfect! :) Can't wait!!

  9. I picked Bradford in my head as soon as I heard you were having a boy. Brad Scott isn't a bad name. Bram's kinda cool, though; I hadn't thought of that one.

    You could always copy Ashlee Simpson and go with Bronx - then you'd also have two Borough's covered, which, to be honest, is all New York can expect from one family.

  10. Jeremy, Julia Roberts named her boy/girl twins "Phineas and Hazel." I even think she calls the boy Phin. She named them after much older relatives to honor them.

    Oh, well, it will be interesting to see who this little Scott Boy turns out to be. My friend had her 8th this year, and the naming of each child has been a great blessing.


  11. Hmm... Brock, Barach. You make a good point there. This is why those who don't have to live with the results probably shouldn't make the big decision. :-)

    By the way, my favorite baby name lately won't work for you, but it's too good to not share -- Summer Raine, born in June 2008. Her five-year-old brother came up with the "Summer" part and her parents added the "Raine".

  12. Brock, Barach, Barack, whatever. Can you tell I'm not exactly a news junkie?

    Since I have already demonstrated a small piece of my great ignorance, I may as well unveil some more. How have I overlooked the biblical character named Brock? What exactly is the biblical connection to which you referred?

  13. Bradley.

    Or Bryce, Brody, Bryan.

    ; )