Saturday, April 30, 2011

Will My Son Be a Christian?

Sometimes I read something that completely nails how I feel about something.  This is one of those times: from Miroslav Volf, the first paragraph of his article entitled Will My Son Be a Christian?
The statistics are clearly in my favor.  An overwhelming majority of children adopt the religion of their parents. So I shouldn't worry. It is highly probably that my son Nathanael - and his younger brother, Aaron - will grow up in some sense a Christian.  But I still worry, mainly because I am not satisfied with his being a Christian "in some sense."  Mindful of Kierkegaard's critique of Christendom, I'd almost rather that he be no Christian than an indifferent Christian, or, even worse, a zealous Christian manipulating faith to promote his own selfish ends. But I want him to embrace Christianity as a faith by which to live and for which to die.


It reminds me of these words from Stanley Hauerwas in the below video:
"One of the most heart-breaking aspects of our lives today are young people, desperate to have something to die for, and we're afraid to give it to them."

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