Thursday, September 06, 2012

A Prayer for Kids in School

Every morning since my kids began going to school, we have prayed together as we wait for the bus. Much of this is out of nerves that I've shared before. But even more so, we pray because I want my kids to know that today - not in the future - but today, they are able to reveal the Kingdom of God to those around them.

While the prayer changes sometimes from day-to-day depending on what's going on, teachers' names, etc., it always has the same elements. I thought I'd share the bones of the prayer here for anyone who might want to do the same. As it's so often useful for everyone, but particularly kids (and my own memory!), there's a bit of alliteration:

God -
As we go to school again today, please help us.
Help us to listen so we can better learn so we can better love.

Sometimes it comes out like this: us to listen so we can learn, but most of all, help us to love.

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