Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Praying for those in Rome

Today, I am praying for my brothers and sisters in the Roman Catholic Church as the College of Cardinals selects a new pope.

It's been no secret that my tradition and Protestants in general have much in difference with Rome. But in many great things - namely...Jesus - we have much in common. I find much beauty in the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholics with which I associate here in my town are wonderful people of grace and hospitality, both at the parish just down the street and the Abbey here in town where I love to go for prayer sometimes.

And so this is my prayer:
God of all People:

As your servants in Rome seek your will today for the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church, would you speak loudly and clearly. I pray for the 1.2 billion people who are led to you through her ministry. I pray for healing and for unity, but most of all: that Christ would become and continue to be at the center as well as through and through his whole Church in the variety of forms and shapes into which she has morphed.

Forgive us for not settling our differences. Even still, help us to see our commonality, namely: in the love of you, the Father, the person of Jesus Christ, and the unity of the Holy Spirit.

I pray for the College of Cardinals.
...for your wisdom, discernment, power, and peace.
...in that all they do and decide together,
...Your will be done.

I pray for the new leader:
May he reflect Christ.

By your Holy Spirit, 
and in Christ, 


  1. thanks Jeremy. I am in agreement with your words and your prayer.

  2. Thanks my Brother in Christ for the kind word about the Abbey in town and for your prayers for the Roman Catholic Church.