Monday, June 17, 2013

We Got Off Without a Hitch. Literally.

So we're in a hotel outside Albany, NY. Didn't make it to Syracuse the first night like we had planned. Albany really isn't far from home at all. But at least we did make it outside Mass. The day was...eventful.

We got off about 4:00 so Brayden got a full day of school. It was Llater than we wanted, but still enough time to make it to Syracuse before 10:00 PM. Or so we thought.

Upon leaving, I noticed immediately that the four kids' bikes on a bike rack off the rear trailer hitch were bouncing way more than I thought they should. I pulled over about a half mile after leaving to check them out. They were certainly wobblier than I liked, but we kept going as the hitch itself was rather stable. In Braintree, I thought I noticed that one of the handlebars had disappeared. I feared that one of the bikes had fallen off. Meghan got out and checked at a red light, but it was still there. I was confused because I knew that I could see it before. Soon enough I couldn't see any of them. I knew that the hitch had either bent downward or had fallen completely off.. I immediately slowed down and pulled off to a side street since there were several cars right behind me. 

The timing was very good as the whole bike rack and four bikes fell off and into the middle of the road about 20 feet down the side street. Ten seconds earlier and they could have taken out a car behind us. To keep this short: the hitch on the back of the trailer that was put on for a bike rack completely came off our popup trailer. And so we literally began the trip without a hitch.

A few thunderstorms later, a more-than-usually-irritable three-year-old, and taking it slowly with the popup behind us so as to avoid any other problems led us to decide to call it an early night by stopping in Albany instead of Syracuse. But at least we're on the road. 

Hopefully tomorrow will restore the cliche to its original meaning. 

I did start the day off at Glastonbury Abbey's 6:30 AM vigil (end of the evening prayer). It was good. Short, leaving me wanting more time in that setting, but good nonetheless. I had originally intended on the whole day at the abbey, but it looks like the decision to leave today instead of tomorrow was a good one.

Sabbatical Take-away for the day: 
Plan all you want. But plan first to be ready for changes to the plan.

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