Thursday, July 04, 2013

Burlington & A Boat

Yesterday we began our day with the decision to take one of the girls to a dermatologist in Burlington to look at a mark on her skin that had been concerning us for several days. Rather than worry about it, we wanted some conclusion, even though we knew it was likely nothing. It was indeed nothing and now we don't have to worry all summer. We are blessed that they took us in with less than an hour's notice (has never happened for us at our own dermatologist in MA!), that we have a way to pay for such things, and that everything is okay.

We were in Burlington already and decided to walk around just a bit and have lunch there. I was again reminded how much I like that city. It's full of culture, sits on my favorite body of water in the world, and one can still be in the boonies of rural Vermont in less than a half hour. Despite summering just a half hour away for most of my life, I've only really experienced Burlington at all in the last couple of years. Awesome city.

While we were driving through part of the UVM campus on our way to downtown, I remarked to Meghan that someone who used to worship with North Street and worked for our shelter was now studying at UVM. Not fifteen minutes later, as we were walking around looking for a place to eat, Luke Taylor Cochran himself walked right in front of me. It was a great surprise and it was good to see him, if even only for five minutes. I count it another blessing from God that "in the midst of nowhere" I was reminded of our great church and why it is that we are away. Luke said he missed us greatly. We miss him too.

I asked Luke where we should eat and he recommended a place about twenty feet from where we were standing. He was right: Ri Ra's Irish Pub was excellent. 

We met my Uncle Floyd Nease in the late afternoon to spend some time on his boat. He harbors at the Ladd's Landing Marina on Grand Isle. Part of the beauty and awe of Lake Champlain are the islands.

We'd been on Floyd's boat before, but yesterday was a blast. The kids got to "deep lake" fish, jump in to swim off the boat, we ate some great food, and sat in the middle of the lake watching early fireworks (it was July 3rd). With the sky being overcast, it made for a beautiful gray evening - a wonderful backdrop for colorful fireworks. Nature was not to be outdone as some heat-lightening displayed its power and color as well.

Though we can't be at the family camp like we used to be, I'm so grateful that my kids could spend these hours with Uncle Floyd. He played an important part of my childhood up here in Vermont. We don't see eye-to-eye on many things, but we share a whole lot of other important things in common. I've learned a lot from him about life: family, compassion, and working to ends for what one thinks is important. One of the things that I have learned from Floyd & my family as a whole is the ability to disagree on not-so-trivial things, but to be able to disagree in such a way that we are still totally loving with one another. Despite the absence of elements that many would require, I daresay it's a picture of how those who follow should be together. 

...not to mention that Uncle Floyd is a whole lot of fun. As one of the kids said after: "Uncle Floyd is really nice and silly." 


And incredibly loving and compassionate.

Being silly with Uncle Floyd.

Brayden caught a nice smallmouth (1.14 lbs). He did a great job getting in in the boat.

I had to add this picture. Out of nowhere the other day, three-year-old Brysen started doing this crazy funny dance that - as far as we can tell - he made up on his own. It's hilarious and this picture doesn't do it justice. He has become quite the jokester in the last several weeks.

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