Tuesday, November 28, 2006

ETA: 94 Days

So we went for another ultrasound yesterday (Grandma Scott and Great-Great Auntie Helen Bradley got to come with us, but stayed in the waiting room). What I haven't reported here on the blog yet is that one of the babies ("Baby B" for now) has more amniotic fluid in her sac than "Baby A". We've known this for three ultrasounds now. One of the beneficial things of having twins is that you get to have ultrasounds every month. But since this extra fluid situation has arisen, we've gone every two weeks. That's pretty cool.

Our hope has been that the fluid would even out between the two babies. It hasn't happened. In fact there was even just a little bit more for "Baby B" than there was last month. One "good" thing about the situation is that with extra fluid, it makes seeing the baby during an ultrasound very easy and clear. You can probably notice the difference between the two pictures.

We're not too concerned yet. This is not an uncommon occurance. It's even more common for pregnancies with twins. Our biggest concern is pre-term labor. The babies are 2 lbs, 10 oz and 2 lbs, 9 oz (which is great). But Meghan is bigger than she would normally be at six+ months and she's only going to get bigger (which I truly don't understand). There are indeed other concerns, but both we and our doctor are ruling them out for now, either because of obvious development that's occurred or because of small percentage possibility.

Regardless, this is a whole lot of fun. Brayden is practicing saying his sisters' names (though he has no clue what this all means). Right now he says "Booklin" and "Benna" (Brooklyn and Brenna). We've taught him to point out "where the babies are," so don't be offended when he comes up to you and points at any slight bulge on your body and says "Baby! Baby!".

Meghan and I are coming around to the realization that life is going to be very, very different. Our community is very understanding, and offers to help out all the time.

We thank God for the opportunity and faithfully rest on his strength, encouragement, and oversight.

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