Sunday, November 26, 2006

Upside Down Kingdom

Today was Christ the King Sunday. The few of us who were in town to worship at North Street looked together at Christ and his Kingdom. I wrote a short reading that someone asked me for, so I'm posting it here.


Christ is King:
His transportation is not a white horse, but an ass.
His crown is not of gold, but of thorns.
His scepter is not of solid metal, but of wood.
His throne is not adorned with jewels, but with nails.
His glorification came not from his victory in battle, but through his death on a tree.
His queen is not the most beautiful or the best political alliance...
...rather, his bride is a whore who has time and again cheated on him, whimsically wandering off following whatever new and good-looking beau and all he might have to offer.
Yet, rather than kill his bride, his unfaithful queen, he continually seeks after her.

We indeed are his bride, and
As citizens in the Kingdom of God:
Our allegiance is not to a nation, but to a kingdom.
Our place is not found in a hierarchy, but in equality.
Our victory comes not through battle, but through surrender.

Someday I might add more or revise this. For now, here it is.

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