Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tony Jones Interview

I had to share this...I stumbled upon it on YouTube. 

I don't know who the interviewer is.  I appreciate the interviewer at least sitting down with someone like Tony Jones and trying to figure out what makes us run rather than just making up damning and "truth-telling" websites (like this one).  Although the "I'm sorry" comment was pretty cheap.

Anyway, Tony does well during this "litmus test" interview.  His comments are much my own.

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  1. That was an interesting little clip. I feel with him on the intellectual honesty regarding faith. Yes, it is a decision - a re-commitment to this way of life every day.

    Regarding the question of being 'born again' his response seems more like a critique on the practices of churches and particularly camps then the essential question.

    People come to faith in different ways - some at a key moment, others over a much longer period of time. I still believe in conversion though, whether at a moment or over time.

    The apostolic preachng in the New Testament assumes a gospel preached and a response to be had on the part of the hearer.

    When someone grows up in faith community, perhaps the development of their faith will be much more gradual.

    Either way, Tony is right that the faith must be reaffirmed everyday.