Wednesday, January 21, 2009


wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.


I saw a portion of this video a while ago when someone posted it on Facebook.  While I consider myself a pretty adventurous guy...I'm not sure I could do this.  I guess I better start with regular old sky-diving...

My favorite part:
"At the beginning of wing suit base-jumping, we were trying to get as far from the wall as possible...and now it's getting boring so we 'play around.'"

PLAY AROUND!?!?  Are you kidding me?

If you don't have 3-4 minutes to watch the whole thing, be sure and check out 0:28, 2:03, 2:20, and 3:10.  Forget it...just watch the whole thing.

I want to see them do the flips on the skis, soar for a while with the wing-suits and then find a landing spot with the skis on.  Then I'd be impressed.

(Can someone explain why they wear helmets at all?)


  1. This is scarily amazing, Jeremy! What steps take you to this point??!!

  2. Um, wow. I sat there the whole time with my jaw dropped. That is INSANE!

  3. I just watched it again...they look like someone from the movies...Morpheus from The Matrix or another superhero. It's unreal.

  4. can somenone help me please?

    where and how can i do wing suits jumping?? does anyone know about groups? sites? companies who does that kind of things?... in europe might be good also....

    please help me find out...
    thanks alote....